Founded in 1980, the SUNY Council on Writing is an independent faculty organization dedicated to improving instruction in Writing and Rhetoric across the 64-campus system. Its mission is two-fold: to help SUNY faculty generate, discuss, and disseminate new ideas about writing instruction and to serve as a voice for those faculty with respect to discussions within the University that might affect their classrooms and professional practice.

The Council sponsors an annual conference, hosted by a different SUNY campus each year. Each SUNY college or university selects two of its faculty members to serve as official representatives to the group. By sharing ideas, representatives grow as teachers and scholars at the same time that they enrich instruction in Writing and Rhetoric at their home institutions.

Over the years, the Council has taken a stand on issues related to the profession and has made those positions known to instructors of writing and to administrators at all levels. The treatment of part-time faculty, policies on writing and program assessment, approaches to distance learning, and a range of other pedagogical and administrative issues have concerned the Council in recent years.

It is an energizing time for SUNY CoW and our members. We have started our first online blogzine, SUNY Writes! and have reinvigorated our social media, including our Facebook and Twitter. Please join us as we move into our fifth decade of support for writing education at SUNY!

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