2019, November 8-9, Purchase College, NY. The Art of Writing/The Writing of Art

2018, October 19th and 20th, Farmingdale State College campus, Farmingdale, NY.  Theme: Why Writing Matters: Articulating the Value of Writing to Students, Administrators, and Faculty from Across the Disciplines. 

2017, Onondaga Community College. Theme: The theme for this year’s conference will be Defining Success in College Composition: Rethinking Writers, Writing, and Pedagogy.

2016, University at Albany. Theme:“Writing (and) Affordability.” Keynotes: Tamika Carey, Eileen Schell.

2014, Onondaga Community College. Theme:  “Transitions: The Changing Landscape of Higher Education.” Keynotes:  Cheryl Ball, Tony Scott.

2013 University at Buffalo.  Theme: “Building Cultures of Writing for Tomorrow.” Keynote: Richard Miller.

2012, Fashion Institute of Technology. Theme: “Sustainability and Writing.” Keynote: Amy Kimme Hea.

2011, Binghamton University. Theme: “Building 21st Century Writing Programs:  Literacy and Leadership in the New Millenium.” Keynotes:  Lynne Bloom, Kurt Spellmeyer.

2010, Plattsburgh. Theme: “Teaching Writing for Social Justice.” Keynote:  Nancy Welch.

2009, Buffalo State. Theme: “Writing Program Identities.” Keynote: Elizabeth Wardle.

2008, Stony Brook. Theme: “Inevitable Intersection:  Writing at the Crossroads of Public and Private Discourse in the 21st Century.” Keynote:  Sondra Perl.

2007, Albany.  Theme: “Writing in an Age of Assessment.” Keynote:  Peter Elbow.

2006, Oswego.  Theme: “Words of One’s Own:  Plagiarism, Citation, Textual Ownership, and Academic Integrity.” Keynote: Rebecca Moore Howard.

2004, Adirondack Community College. Theme: “Writing Across and Beyond Institutional Borders.” Keynote:  Eileen Schell.

2003, Suffolk Community College.  Keynotes:  Kathleen Blake Yancey and Doug Hesse.

2002, Jefferson Community College.  Theme: “Energizing Teaching, Writing, and the Teaching of Writing.”

2001, Alfred State. Keynote: Pat Belanoff.

1999, SUNY Potsdam.

1998, Genesee Community College.

1997, Suffolk Community College. Theme: “Teaching Toward the 21st Century: Where are We Going?  Where Have We Been?” Keynote: Kathryn Gottschalk.

1993, Niagara Community College. Theme: “Exploring Complexities.” Keynote: Chris Anson.

1992, SUNY Institute of Technology Utica/Rome. Theme: “Creating a Community of Writing.” Keynote: Cynthia Selfe.

1991, Westchester Community College. Theme: “The Right to Literacy.” Keynote: James Slevin.

1990, Buffalo State. Theme: “Issues in the Teaching of Writing”; keynote speaker:  Alan C. Purves; 22 articles in the published Conference Proceedings

1989, Farmingdale.

1985, Brockport.

*Note: Our records here are incomplete.  If you have information about what’s either missing or inaccurate in this list, please let us know!

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