Saturday October 20th
Presentation Schedule

All sessions wills be held in Gleeson Hall (see “Campus Map” tab for directions)

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A-Sessions 8:00-9:15am

Panel A1: Gleeson Hall 121

“Teaching in the Archive”
Joshua Kotzin

“Using the Aristotelian Rhetorical Concept of Enthymemes in the Writing Classroom”
Jessica Abel

Panel A2:

See “Panel E8” below

Panel A3: Gleeson Hall 123

“Barnstorming Your Own College: The Marketing Job of WPAs”
Tara Pauliny, Christen Madrazo, Timothy McCormack

Panel A4: Gleeson Hall 125

“Visual Literacy: Not Your Mother’s Museum Research Paper”
Alexandra Giordano

“Interdisciplinary Studies, Writing, and the First Year Learning Community”
Maria Cipriani

“Empowering Student Writing Through Young Adult Literature”
Laurie Rozakis

Panel A5: Gleeson Hall 127

“AP Capstone: True College Readiness Through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach”
Brian Trapani

“Three “C”s of Writing in Wilfrid Laurier University’s A2U Access to University Program: Social Justice Derived from Community, Confidence, and Competencies”
Shelley Beal

Closed Session: Gleeson Hall 129

SUNY Council on Writing Executive Board Meeting

B-Sessions 9:30-10:45

Panel B1: Gleeson Hall 121

“The Importance of Critical Reflection in the Transfer of Knowledge and other Unwritten Objectives”
Alysa Hantgan

“Using the Transtheoretical Behavior Change Model to Facilitate Behavior Change in the  Composition Classroom”
Sandra Dutkowsky

Panel B2: Gleeson Hall 122

“The Graphic Syllabus: Why and how?”
Angela Ridinger-Dotterman, Lizzie McCormick

“Visual Representation in the Teaching of Writing”
Patricia A. Dunn

Panel B3: Gleeson Hall 123

“The Importance of Genre Implementation as an effective Pedagogy in ELL Classrooms”
Rima Abdallah

“Developing Reflexive and Metacognitive Writing Practices for First-Year Students”
Maura Conley

Panel B4: Gleeson Hall 125

“An Ecosystem of Inequity: Rethinking the Role of Developmental Writing the Two-Year Community College”
Meridith Leo

“(Re)mediating the Value of Writing: Defining Genre Conventions Heuristically through a Focus on Disciplinary and Social Exigencies”
Sarah Seeley

Panel B5: Gleeson Hall 127

“What Works? Writing across Disciplinary Divides”
Margaret Torrell, Ruomei Gao, Elena Smirnova, Blidi Stemn, Jacqueline Emery, and Jody Cardinal

Panel B6: Gleeson 129

“What counts as “writing”? Observations from a Novel CSTEP Summer Academy”
Anthony Robinson, Lisa DeTora, Sabrina Sobel

Panel B7: Gleeson Hall 131

“Teaching Nonfiction Writing: An Arts Approach”
Ellen J. Brooks

Panel B8: System Issues Roundtable: Gleeson Hall 102

“Who Owns Writing (On Campus)?: Challenges to Disciplinary Expertise”
Jennifer Mitchell, Shyam Sharma, and Cynthia Davidson

C-Sessions 11:00-12:15

Panel C1: Gleeson Hall 121

“Widening the Lens: Interdisciplinary Research Journal Practicum as a Tool to Promote Student Writing Engagement”
Wilmaria (Maria) Miranda, Lisa Sisler

Panel C2: Gleeson Hall 122

“Developing a Critical Workplace Writing Pedagogy”
Cristina Migliaccio, Patricia Medved, Laura Lisabeth

Panel C3: Gleeson Hall 123

“Culture, Media, and Engagement: Building a writing climate of connection across media, cultures, and platforms”

Organizer: Bond Benton, Montclair State University
Chair: Chiara De Santi, Farmingdale State College SUNY

“Writing about Film: From Reading to the Digital Presentation Via the Traditional Essay”
Chiara De Santi

“Telecollaborative Writing in Cross-cultural Online Learning”
Daniela Peterka-Benton

“Engagement and Shared Problem-Solving: Building a Practical Writing Context in International Courses”
Bond Benton

“Press Constructions of Immigration: Interrogating Writing through Content Analysis with Undergraduates”
Alexander Caviedes

Panel C4: Gleeson Hall 125

“Building a Democratic Writing Assessment Ecology: A Case Study”
Tom Friedrich

Panel C5: Gleeson Hall 127

“It Pays to Advertise!: Posting Grammar and Writing Tips of the Week in Residence Halls for Writing Center Outreach”
Lisa Dresner

“Writing Center Tutors’ Research Matters: Revising Our Assessment Narratives of Writing Center Work”
Andrea Efthymiou

Panel C6: Gleeson Hall 129

“Not Just ‘Why’ but Also ‘Where’ and ‘How’ Writing Matters: Mapping Writing Across Contexts”
Brian Fallon

“Project MASLOW: Interventions in Graduate Education through Online Writing Pedagogy”
Shyam Sharma, Cynthia Davidson

Panel C7: Gleeson Hall 131

“Writing Essentials: Learning from the Reader”
Ellen Brooks, Alysa Hantgan

12:30-2:15: Luncheon & Keynote Address by Dr. Bruce Horner


D-Sessions: 2:30-3:45

Panel D1: Gleeson Hall 121

“Finding Your Academic Voice: Blogging in the Writing Classroom”
Susan A. Candia

“‘Deep Learning’ Through Socratic Seminar: Reflexivity In The First Year Writing Classroom”
J. Mignano-Brady

Panel D2: Gleeson Hall 122

“Creating Space for Language Diversity: Hip Hop and Code-Meshing—the Argument”
Aisha Wilson-Carter

Panel D3: Gleeson Hall 123

“English Language Learners and the Politics of (Self) Assessment”
Ibrahim Alhashidi, Javid Buchanan, Laura Rizzo

Panel D4: Gleeson Hall 125

“How the Self is Forged and Found: Writing as Active Engagement with Being and the World”
Stacy Stingle

“Recipes for Sharing: Why Women’s Food Blogs Matter”
Molly Mann

Panel D5: Gleeson Hall 127

“The Epistemic Nature of Writing”
Janet Farrell Leontiou

“Research + Writing: A View from the Reference Desk”
Danielle S. Apfelbaum

Panel D6: Gleeson Hall 129

“Writing Across Generations: Ask Grandma!”
Barbara Bengels

“Empathy, Ethics, and Ethos: Analyzing and Crafting Morally Reframed Arguments in To Kill a Mockingbird”
Dustin Hannum

Panel D7: Gleeson Hall 131

“Critical Reading Strategies for Digital Peer Review”
Gina Sipley, Valerie Fasanello

Panel D8 System Issues Roundtable: Gleeson Hall 102

“Lecturer and Instructor Positions at UUP-Represented SUNYs: What’s Worked to Improve Pay and Job Security, What Hasn’t, and What’s Contractually Possible”
Jamie Dangler, Vice-President for Academics, UUP
Jackie Pittsley, Lecturer, SUNY Cortland


E-Sessions 4:00-5:15

Panel E1: Gleeson Hall 121

“Free Writing, Free Thinking: Encouraging Independent Thought in the Writing Classroom”
Virginia Maresca

“‘Good’ Reflective Writing: Audience, Purpose, and Stakes”
Jess Fenn

Panel E2: Gleeson Hall 122

“Teaching Civil Discourse in Uncivil Times”
Andrea Darbee

“Writing With & For Integrated Consciousness”
John F. DeCarlo

Panel E3: Gleeson Hall 123

“Biographical Essays Motivate Students in WID Business Courses”
Daniel Scott Marrone

“I H8 Numb3rs: A Skill-Building Activity for Numeracy and Research Writing”
Chris Scagnelli

Panel E4: Gleeson Hall 125

“Writing 360: Supporting and Sustaining Writing Initiatives”
Margaret Torrell, Jody Cardinal, Jacqueline Emery

Panel E5: Gleeson Hall 127

“Voices of Oswego Veterans: A Collaborative Project Between Student Veterans, Writers, Artists, and Web Designers at SUNY Oswego”
Stephanie Pritchard

“Writing instruction in the age of the swipe”
Donna Proper

Panel E6: Gleeson Hall 129

“Writing Education at the Global-Local Intersection”
Soni Adhikari

“Ignore the Writing: A Framework to Recognize and Validate Student Learning”
Amy Russell

Panel E7: Gleeson Hall 131

“Saving the World, One Student Writer at a Time”
Howard Gunston

Panel E8 / A2: Gleeson Hall 122

“The Value of Plagiarism from a New Media Perspective”
Christopher McGunnigle

“Best Prices/Worst Practices, and the Undervaluing of the Writing Instructor and the Craft”
Carmencita Mitchell

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